The above are platforms we own and operate on various scales.


Come To Us For Service in…

  • Websites (including WordPress and more)
  • SEO
  • Social Media (all networks)
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Database Management
  • Lead Generation


what we do

our team

At Digitera, we’re an eclectic bunch. First and foremost, our Founder Jordan St Jacques brings tremendous skill and enthusiasm to any project, having been in the digital marketing game since 2004. Surrounding him is a diverse team of executives in Business Development, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency and more. Finally, our best-in-class High School Co-op team bring their above-average generational skill sets to us in three distinct categories; Coding, Design and Digital Marketing!

2018 Bootstrap Award - Digital Marketing

Digitera was honoured as the recipient of the 2018 Bootstrap Award for Digital Marketing, presented by The Ottawa Network and Smart & Biggar.

our team

digitera executives.

Team Image

Jordan St Jacques

Team Image

Nathan Gill

lead developer
Team Image

Amina Motala

cryptocurrency lead
Team Image

Lexi Storm

Influencer Lead