Social Media

Outbound Marketing at it’s best

Digitera’s original entry into the online marketing world came through Social Media, with the onset of MySpace in 2004. From building effective & powerful profiles numbering in the hundreds of thousands of Friends, Digitera took an early lead in driving results for companies all across New England in this new & exciting format. Later on when MySpace fell off and Facebook rose up, we repeated the process with the new upstart social network…which of course eventually became the biggest online marketing site the world has even seen.

Currently, we offer expert service in virtually anything social you would need for your business. Our natural skillset and vast experience in all things social enable us to literally have an Action Plan for you in 24-48 hours from our first consultation with your business.

In the era of Social Media we currently live in, it takes a skilled & experienced comprehensive effort across multiple networks to generate proper enthusiasm for your brand. Digitera is your best choice for all things social…with us at the helm for your business, you’ll see an increase in both brand awareness and business results. We ARE the upgrade you’ve been looking for!

We offer Social Media Service in…

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Google+

Our base goals for any social campaign are as follows…

  • Profile Growth of Real Friends/Followers who are likely to frequent your business
  • Regular Posting Campaign designed to keep customers engaged in your business
  • Proper SEO Formatting of all Profile Posting, to reap Search benefits from Social
  • Monitoring all networks for negative reputation posts, with reach-outs to disaffected customers

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