Mobile Apps

It’s a Mobile-centric world now.

Since the onset of the first iPhone back in June 2007, the Smartphone Industry could truly be called revolutionary! As a society, we’ve become “mobified”, with the smartphone playing a vital part of our lives. The statistics back this up of course, with Mobile Devices now outselling Desktop Computers by a margin approaching 3-to-1. Engagement numbers are similar, with far more people using their mobile device for common tasks such as Messaging, Social Networks, Web Surfing and more.

Business owners of all types absolutely need to have a current marketing presence on Mobile for many reasons, including the following;

  • Native Apps allow for customers to examine your store much more conveniently than if they had to do this from a website
  • E-Commerce enabled Apps allow for Mobile Shopping from any device
  • Push Notifications allow for direct-to-device marketing, in a more effective format than SMS messaging
  • iBeacons allow for In-Store fragmented marketing messages based on conditions
  • Geo-Fence Notifications allow for automated message direct-to-device should the device in question pass through a certain area

Ask yourself this one question…if you have a Website, why don’t you have an App Platform? More people check their Phone first before they’ll move to a Desktop, and that ratio is just going to get higher and higher every year. Be progressive, and let Digitera help you reach your customers where they surf…from their Phones!

We offer Mobile App Development services in…

  • iOS (Swift) for iPhone & iPad Apps
  • Android (Java) for Android Apps
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • App Installation Marketing (AIM)
  • UX/UI Design Planning
  • Push Notification Strategy & Implementation
  • iBeacons Strategy & Implementation
  • Geo-Fence Notification Strategy & Implementation

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