Ask any construction foreman…you cannot build anything to last unless you have a great foundation to build on. This analogy is perfect to describe websites within the overall scope of the online world. Websites aren’t as “sexy” as they were 10-15 years ago when it became essential to have one published. Nowadays, businesses want to discuss the topics of Apps & Mobile before they want to discuss Websites. Unfortunately, a solid Website is still very much a necessity, for a multitude of reasons;

• Websites are still the main driver of SEO results
E-Commerce Shopping is still much more functional through the Web than it is through Mobile
Websites allow for much greater functionality than Mobile (think Video), ensuring a much richer branding experience

Digitera pays special attention to websites, and E-Commerce in particular. Your website is your online storefront, and shouldn’t be neglected in any way. An old and poorly designed site often turns away potential customers before they have even examined your products. Think about it from the viewpoint of your own previous web browsing experiences…how often have you turned away from a site due to poor design, slow page loading, etc? Your customers share these frustrations of course…don’t lose them because of a low-quality site.

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