Blast Marketing

Here’s a fun fact…did you know that conversion rates for Email Marketing are approx. 6 TIMES more effective than for any other online medium? Staggering when you think about it…after all, Email gets such a bad rap. far too quickly, the label of “Spam” gets attached to an Email Blast, and yet the sales continue (whether legitimate or otherwise). It’s one of those paradoxes that must be analyzed empirically, with the final analysis being the same every time…Email marketing works!

Building your email list can be a challenge, and must be integrated into the daily activities of your entire operation. Armed with their mobile devices, Staff must be active in prompting customers to sign up for some sort of “Rewards” program at every turn. Your website must have a mechanism for Email Newsletter Signup placed in an optimal manner redundantly through the site. Any sort of Mobile App presence you have must also have Email signup, and lastly your Social Media activity must have repeated Call-To-Action posts. Respect for Anti-Spam laws must be vigilant…the last thing you want is to end up like Sanford Wallace! Finally, your HTML Emails should be properly coded. Watch out for the 100kb pitfall on Gmail (where your Email will get the dreaded “Click here to see more” tag if your email goes over 100kb in code size), and make sure your Email HTML is coded with SEO considerations (as HTML Emails that pass through Gmail get tracked for SEO ranking purposes).

Digitera utilizes “next-level” Email sending procedures, using the Amazon AWS Cloud SES service for transactional delivery. If you’re paying a company such as MailChimp or Constant Contact their monthly fees, you’re paying far too much! Often, we include up to 20,000 emails per week as part of our Weekly Service Plans at no extra charge…compare that with your current service provider!