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The website is still the core of your digital footprint, and will stay that way for a long time. Even in 2020, you still have to have an up-to-date website for your brand before you start building your other digital assets. State-Of-The-Art development & design allows you to leapfrog your competition by providing a more pleasurable viewing experience…both for real people AND for the most important viewer of all…Google itself!

Digitera provides best-in-class websites to customers anywhere in the world, including specialized service for WordPress and Shopify websites. We can also deal in the website builders out there such as Wix, Squarespace, Google Website Builder, GoDaddy Builder and others.

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You know by now that your potential customers are looking on Google every day for the products and services that you sell. Accordingly, your rank on Google has a direct and profound affect on your revenues. Proven metrics show that sites ranking on page 1 receive between 90-95% of all online traffic. In short, a page 1 ranking for your chosen keywords is everything!

Digitera’s SEO packages are designed to compete against your competitors so that you outrank them as fast as possible. Quality organic SEO does take time, so we deal in as many of the important search engine signals as needed.

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Social Media is the starting point for all Outbound Marketing efforts. Publish your brand profiles today, start acquiring customers tomorrow…and let the orders come in. Proper campaigns on Social Media take quite a bit of time though, with a keen eye on the filtering mechanisms to arrive at your ideal Persona Match.

As well as best-in-class social media campaign skills, Digitera has world-class in-house skills with respect to “social listening”. Using advance persona matching through Hashtag and Profile Sentiment Analysis, Digitera fishes out actionable leads every day from all the “noise” that exists in todays social media environment.

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Email marketing has been with us since the early 1990s, and is still the top retention method of anything in the digital world. Building your lists with real customers who have organically opted-in to your lists is perhaps the holy grail of all digital marketing assets. A successfully built list will derive the kind of ROI that can change lives for the better, and earn your business conversions over and over again.

Digitera operates at an advanced level with respect to Email marketing, with all our email blasts executed though our own in-house Email Newsletter platform hosted on lightning fast Amazon AWS servers. As well, we also offer service in Text Message blasting as well as Mobile Push Notifications.

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Our world today is by far and away mobile-centric. Long ago are the days when the website was the primary method in which online content was consumed. Currently, Apps are what people engage with in the online world, and if your brand wants to be accessible at all times, Apps are 100% necessary.

Digitera has a full team of Mobile App Developers working in both iOS and Android. Our past products range from single E-Commerce apps to comprehensive Platform apps that are part of robust SaaS products.

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When your online web needs go beyond the usual brand website, your company will have to step up to some Custom Web Application products. Any platform product needs a great IT/Host structure, along with multiple admin backends to support the actual product itself.

Digitera’s developer team works in two major stacks…the LAMP stack (revolves around PHP) and the MEAN stack (revolves around Node.js). Our experience in Custom Web Applications is vast, and our turnaround time is rapid.

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