High School Co-op FAQ

Common questions about Digitera Co-op program

Please bear with us as we flesh out this page going forward

  • How long has the Digitera Co-op Program been in operation?

    Starting with a modest 2 students in Fall of 2016, our program has been in operation every term (including summers) since then.

  • What subjects does the Digitera Co-op program streams offer?

    We offer work in three distinct categories…Coding, Design and Marketing. Within each of these broad categories, there are sub-streams as follows;

    • Coding
      • iOS (to make iPhone Apps)
      • Android (to make Android Apps)
      • Full Stack PHP (to make Web Applications)
    • Design
      • Web Design
      • Graphic Design
      • Video Design
      • Mobile App Design
      • Animation
    • Marketing
      • Marketing/Clerical
      • Blogging

  • Is there a cost for our students to be part of this program?

    At this time, there is no cost for Ontario students to be part of this program. However, note that we cannot take more than 40 students per term under these circumstances.

    For school boards/districts outside of Ontario, there is a yearly fee on a per-District basis.

  • How are you dealing with Covid-19 with respect to your co-op program?

    We’ve altered our operation somewhat to react to Covid-19, although these changes were easier for us than other companies due to the nature of what we do.

    • All communications between Students and Digitera take place through a teams-based comms app called Slack, which all Teachers are invited to as well in order to monitor all communications in real time.
    • All work is done through shared documents.
      • Github for the Coders
      • Adobe Cloud and/or Google Drive for the Designers
      • Google Drive for the Marketers and Bloggers
    • For documents and reporting…
      • All WEAs and documents are signed as per normal. However, we ask that you fill our all-non-signature fields on your end before sending them to us.
      • We do NOT view any log sheets or sign them, as we have no way of verifying hours for remote students.
      • We WILL of course accept and process evaluations, but we must insist that you send them to us as a Google Form that allows for all fields to be processed digitally with either clicked buttons or proper online form fields that can be processed from a computer.

  • Since you won't process Log Sheets, how to you keep the students on track?

    At Digitera, we’re experts in all things digital. This skill gives us a good understanding as to how long things take, even when a standard time range is applied to a task. As well, please remember that there are multiple students per stream, each performing roughly the same tasks.

    If there’s a problem with how long a student is taking to execute and complete a task, we’re proactive and will bring it up to the teacher.

  • What regularity do students have touchpoints with you?

    Within our program, we support and maintain the students through the following aspects;

    • All students MUST report in every Monday with a progress report, where they state where they are on their current assignment, identify challenges, etc.
    • Through Slack, they can ask for advice and support anytime they require it. We have various mentors (including former students in the program) who are on Slack and can help when needed.
    • Some Mondays at 4pm, we have a group videocall where Jordan St Jacques gives object lessons on various topics related to Digitera’s business.

  • How are you with teacher meetings?

    As the size of our program has grown, we find that we no longer have enough time to give to teachers for one-on-one meetings. Instead, we offer thorough and detailed email correspondence as needed.