Common questions about Digitera

Hit us up at jordan@digitera.agency if you’ve got more questions and we’ll do our best to answer.

  • What is Digitera?

    Digitera is a full-service digital agency, offering service in three distinct categories; Digital Marketing, Custom Software Development and Business Consulting.

  • What services do you offer within Digital Marketing?

    Well….everything! We range from SEO to Social Media to Blast Marketing and even how your Website is situated to receive new customers. We make sure your funnels are designed properly and your onsite code doesn’t “do you any harm” and ruin your chances to rank on Google before you even get started.

  • What services do you offer within Custom Software Development?

    Our team is ready and able to code and produce your entire platforms. We specialize in a tripod approach of iOS, Android and Web Application (PHP) systems, with skilled coders at all levels contributing through a team-based approach. From the Product Manager right on through, you’ll share in real time right along with us as your project passes certain milestones.

  • What services do you offer within Business Consulting?

    Our team features experienced Business Development executives, tech startup incubator-trained professionals, best-in-class business trainers and world-class venture capitalists. We’re able to refine your business model using the Business Model Canvas, research who your competitors are and what they’re doing for digital marketing (everything from their keywords in SEO to their Social Media content strategy and everything in between), how your own brand’s digital footprint is looking and even get right into your business operations.